Saturday, March 19, 2005

And the point to all this??

There probably isn't one; however, I've decided I want to work towards juried status with the New Brunswick Crafts Council. Mostly, at this point in time, it's an ego gratification thing. I want to stack my stuff up against other professional craftspersons and know I'm "in the game".

The long term game plan is to have a small business set up and well established before I retire from the City. I'll have 30 years service with the City by my 56th birthday...too young to retire and no point of continuing working for the City. I'll have maxed out my pension contributions. Besides, I think that after 30 years of having listened to everyone else's really really bad day, I'll have had enough of that racket and be ready to sit around and make pretty things.

When I was little, I used to play with Play-doh and Crayolas. Now I've graduated to Fimo and yarns. Everything comes full circle.

Today's goal is to finish the draft version of my long, skinny scarf in varigated cotton yarn. I'm just doing this version in Bernat's handcraft cotton because it's relatively inexpensive. I've got a skein of Butterfly mercerized cotton DK in white that I sent over to Liz for dying. I really like this pattern for varigated yarns because the linen stitch breaks up the blocky choppy aspect of varigated yarns that I think looks so crappy.

I'm hoping to be able to post some pictures of my stuff very soon. Jocelyn, a woman I work with who is an amateur photographer, has been taking pictures of some of the things I've made over the winter. I'm going to ask for a digital camera for myself for either my birthday or Mother's Day. They've got to be quite cheap compared to what they were even two years ago and I think photos make much more sense for a "knitting blog".


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