Friday, March 18, 2005

Can we get a 12-step program going here?? name is Kate and I'm a fibre junkie...

** cue the background chorus of "Hi Kate..." **

I am about to be buried alive under a ton of yarn. I have yarn, yarn, yarn and more yarn. I could knit non-stop for the next 3 years and not run out of yarn. So what did I do last week? Oh, you got it. I bought some more...wait for it...yarn.

I am now the proud owner of 45 freaking 50-g skeins of mohair acrylic blend. It's enroute as we speak from Newfoundland where I bought it on eBay. What can I tell you? It was a hell of a deal, shipping etc in, it was under $3 a skein.

What in hell will I do with that much mohair? I have no idea. I've got silver-grey, burgundy and apple green coming and one ball of I can't remember. I have lost my mind and every time I turn around, I'm stumbling over more yarn.

I just found another 3 skeins of Briggs & Little Regal, all washed and ready to dye, along with a skein of their new Midnight Navy and a skein of Fundy Fog. I would do a complete inventory but the truth is, I'm afraid of how much yarn is in that house and secondly, I'm not sure I could find it all.

Doing an inventory of the 'unfinished projects' would be enough to scare a woman witless. I've got a sweater 95% finished that was going to be Brian's Christmas, anniversary, Valentines, St Patrick's Day present. I'm thinking maybe Father's Day? I have such commitment issues with sweaters. They're so big. And really, who in their right mind wants to knit the "second" sleeve? Usually I try to trick myself by knitting both sleeves at the same time but this was an argyle sweater and I thought I'd not push my luck. I think this will be my last sweater until I get a knitting machine. I get boredtoo easily.

What else do I have on the needles? Oh, a triangular shawl that needs about 5 inches ripped out because I decided I hated the pattern I'd stuck in there. I've got a crochet shawl that's being ripped out because I hate how it's going together. I have a couple of odd socks made with full intentions of doing the mate "soon". A couple of scarves, a baby sweater and a baby blanket. I have to get myself organized. And oh yes...yet another shawl that I have about 3.5 feet done on but I've now decided I hate. It's getting ripped and recycled. It's what I do best....ripping crap out.


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