Friday, March 18, 2005

The Cast of Characters

The greatest blessing in my life has to be the people who populate it. Some of the folks who get frequent mention in anything I do are here:

Brian, aka Hubby, Dearest Hubby, Darling, Himself or that Individual to Whom I find Myself Wed -- all depending on my mood and circumstance. He's a computer programmer/software developer and system administrator. He's also the most patient man in the entire charted universe, having put up with me for some 16 yrs and having every horizontal surface of the house covered in yarn of some description and/or dust. He may possibly be knighted or nominated for sainthood before we're done with him. He's also an avid recreational cyclist.

Oneida, aka Darling Daughter -- She's 9 going on 35, loves cycling and Highland dance.

Liz, aka The Best Friend -- Liz is possibly the most multi-talented individual I know. There's nothing that woman can't do. She weaves. She dyes. She spins. She knits. She's a potter. She's the President of the New Brunswick Craft Council. She's the executive director of the York Sunbury Museum, full time mom and one of the nicest people going. She also makes me laugh a lot. She is, however, utterly useless when it comes to talking me OUT of buying more yarn.

Jon, aka The Bike Mechanic -- For a family as committed, bordering on fanatical, as we are about cycle commuting and finding viable alternatives to the internal combustion engine, the bike mechanic is not a service provider. He's a family member. Jon's our hippie with a work ethic, a down hill racer, and we adore him.

Trish, aka The Crack Dealer -- nice woman if it wasn't for the fact that she keeps stocking the shelves of her yarn shop with 100% totally groovy yarns that I can't possibly live without. "She who dies with the most fibre wins"...right? Trish has made her mission to ensuring that I remain a contender in that contest.

Singer, aka The Pump House on Lower York St -- This is Trish's business. She sells Singer sewing machines but the biggest draw is her yarns. She carries a lot of the really groovy ones and she's a fibre junkie first class herself. It is NOT unusual to walk in there and find Trish knitting something with some of the other wool junkies. Her shop used to be up in one of the local malls and it was pretty...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...dull. Now that she's moved downtown, the woman is going all funky on us. The yarn keeps getting cooler and more of pay cheque keeps getting deposited there.


At 5:06 p.m., March 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been trying to convince Trish to move some where else in the city, so my wife will not be able to walk over on her lunch hour and come home with wool. Her reply is location location location.
The long suffering Husband

At 2:25 p.m., March 26, 2005, Blogger Liz said...

yes she adores jon that is why he got socks first even before the best friend. I guess I need to learn how to fix bikesThe boy did need some thing to keep his toes warm in his birkenstocks in January. Hellooooo Jon it is New Brunswick not Hawaii. Most of us wear boots in the winter ;)


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