Sunday, March 20, 2005

Today's assignment is....

I have two overwhelming ambitions for this month. One is I would like to finish the bloody bucketful of projects I've got started. Right now, an inventory of what's where would be an improvement. Actually, having all the shite piled up in one place would make an excellent starting place.

Second, speaking of inventory and other fun projects, I've got two huge containers of yarn stuffed to the brim. I've got enough Briggs & Little to start my own factory outlet. This statement is usually prefaced with me going and buying about another 10 skeins but I'm serious about getting out from under it all.

Leanne from work told me the other day that at the Oncology Ward at the Moncton hospital, they are always looking for yarn donations. Women there awaiting treatment for breast cancer have taken up the needles and hooks while they're undergoing the process of chemo and/or radiation treatment. I guess I'm not the only one who really needs to do something with my hands when the world is coming to an end. They make pieced afghans, everyone contributing a little different bit to it and then they auction them off with the money going to charity. I think this would be a good home for some of my "what the hell was I going to do with this?"

Honest, I found this crate of yarn last fall...all right, Brian found this crate of yarn ... and the receipts in it were from 1983. I have NO idea what I was planning with this stuff. It must have been sweaters because they are bag lots of the stuff. It is rather interesting to look at this stuff and see how my tastes and sensibilities have changed over the past 20 years. There is this pile of very fuzzy, very teal, Paton's Diana that I remember thinking was the most gorgeous stuff in the entire universe when I was a much younger woman. Now, it doesn't seem to be quite as lovely as it once was.

So that's what needs to be done this month, sometime before April 1st...start by finishing or at least locating all the partial projects and either chuck them, finish them, or reclaim the yarn. The second would be to inventory the mounds of yarn already here and start getting down to brass tacks about whittling into that pile. What I don't love, give it away.

As for yesterday's ambition, I'm about 3 rows short of finishing one of the long skinny cotton scarves. I should have that one kicked today. It's been really interesting seeing how the colours on the varigation blend together. I'm looking forward to trying it out "for real" with the hand dyed Butterfly cotton. I'm thinking pansy colours....lots of purples and a bit of yellow.


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