Thursday, April 28, 2005

And now for something completely different....

Oh, wow, another month shot and how much closer am I to achieving my goals? Not very, but the wool is all neatly stacked and I’m feeling a little less out of control.

The big rush of the past couple of days had been trying to sort out the digital camera thing. Darling hubby is determined that I’m getting one, sooner rather than later. It’s just such a big purchase; I’m a little leery about plunking the money down, particularly since I’m not sure what I’m buying. I went to several shops looking and I’ve read consumer-buying guides until I’m damn near simple.

So far, the front-runner is the Canon A520 which when are the jigs are reeled is going to set me back $500 or so. Yikes…that is a huge-ish amount of money to my way of thinking and after considerable consideration…. it’s still a huge-ish amount of money.

But I’m having so such fun with this ‘Blogging bit that I can’t even argue too much with the whole idea. I know Brian’s keen on it because I so rarely ever give him something specific that I want. Please, not that I’m self-sacrificing or something. This isn’t the motherhood martyr syndrome kicking into overdrive. It’s about the fact that if I want something, I usually go and buy it for myself, as the approximately 8.7 bazillion metres of yarn in my house will demonstrate.

So, it’s off to Wal-mart after work to see if I can’t get myself yet more confused with mega-pixels and media cards and Lee-yang freaking lee yang. I had the sense to marry a tech guy. Do you all think it does me any good? No, he’s off in the corner yapping with some other computer geeks while I’m busy being overwhelmed.


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