Wednesday, April 13, 2005

But the curtains so complement the cobwebs, darling..

Gotha says the curtains are just fine.

. I realize we’re all a-waiting with bated breath to find out if Kate finished the main body of the Trinity Stitch shawl as I threatened yesterday.


Would you people get real? Not even I believed that foolishness yesterday, but it is closer to completion. It’s gotten to that awful stage of shawl development when it’s “will this stupid thing ever end”. The answer is “Yes, it will”. Question is, in which decade and/or lifetime? Ahhh , another imponderable mystery of the universe for our meditative pleasure.

So what did I actually accomplish yesterday? Well, the exciting news is I managed to hang the curtains I bought last Friday. Darling Hubby nearly passed out when he realized that the curtains I just had to have a week ago were actually hung in the same month in which they were purchased. They could have probably used a good pressing before I did the balance beam act trying to lift, clip and hold a 120” of curtain rod, while simultaneously avoiding putting one end or the other of the rod through the computer monitor or the television screen. I really didn’t take much note of the big fold crease in the middle of them, approximately at eye level, until this morning. It’s all right…Gotha Stewart, my imaginary friend, says that gravity will fix all before the end of the decade. Now I just wish she’d get off her arse and deal with the cobwebs for a change.

Actually, the curtains are a bit on the longish side and cover the baseboard heaters. No problem, heating season is over and I can hem them later. You all know what this means: I'll get them pinned for Christmas 2006 and actually manage to hem them 20 minutes before they sun rot and fall off the rods.

I spent the better part of the evening over to Liz’s house, studiously watching the proper professional techniques employed to turn your hands and kitchen tile grout the prettiest shades of yellow, green and a totally funky purple. We had so much dye left over from that effort that we had to use a few miles of Butterfly mercerized cotton to soak up the remainders and that’s hanging in my bathroom drying right now. It’s destined to be a scarf some day.

Few words for you Liz: Barrier Cream. Liz has a professional development conference this Thursday and Friday in the Miramichi. The topic is expanding the cultural tourism market in New Brunswick. Since the Miramichi completely lacks a significant population of Maori warriors with their distinctive facial tattoos, so we thought, purely in the interests of economic and regional development, that the least we could do was decorate Liz before shipping her off to learn how to attract hordes of European tourists to Atlantic Canada. That’s our girl Liz, forever willing to take one for the team.

Also, managed to finish and felt a swatch for a purse I’m designing. The swatch turned out reasonably well. Coming soon…Kate’s adventures in felting but in the meanwhile, I have to get Gotha off her butt and see if we can’t get this place tossed back into some semblance of order.

Talk at you’se laters: thanks for reading.


At 11:00 a.m., April 13, 2005, Blogger Liz said...

Ah yes the ever so lovely shades of yellow and green, reminiscent of spring lovely and fresh Permanantly affixed to my skin just in time for the conference. I look like someone took a hammer to my fingers and it is just beginning to heal!
hopefully I cant bleach the hell out of them this evening.
But what ever shall I wear to complement them?


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