Monday, April 04, 2005

The great shawl debate, Episode 837.

Liz's mohair boucle shawl Posted by Hello

This is a picture of Liz's mohair boucle shawl she mentioned in the comments section of Mar 31. It is gorgeous, utterly. It is bigger than my triangular shawls which has been a constant source of debate between the two of us for a considerable length of time. I suspect we'll still be arguing the relative merits of shawl sizing when we're sitting on the porch of the nursing home.

Just an update on the rest of my life: Mom died April 2, just after midnight. The funeral is today. She had a great life and was deeply loved. Undoubtedly, she would have sided with Liz on the subject of shawl sizes...everything about her was bigger than life.


At 3:20 p.m., April 05, 2005, Anonymous Karin said...

Kate and Liz - thanks for the shawl thoughts (and I love the colours on Liz's more than the pinks, for me anyway). I think I'll be making one, but perhaps not for a while yet. I can see wearing a shawl in the evening at home, either inside or outside on a coolish summer evening. Of course, we almost never get coolish summer evenings in southwestern Ontario. Its either freeze your nuts off weather or its boiling out - only the extremes. Right now (and probably for a while) I'm a stay-at-home mom (and that phrase is overrated and over used - I'm almost never home) who volunteers, has a paper route (no kidding - its like getting paid to exercise), goes to the odd knitting group or guild and sews - mostly for us, sometimes for cash. In the summer I hang with the kids, swim, bike, walk the dog etc. and we go camping alot. Hmmmm - a shawl would be handy for camping - I'd just have to make sure it was dirt coloured. Now you have me justifying another yarn purchase! Yipee. (Actually, with only the one income, I have to be very careful, and usually make alot of socks, due the lowish outlay of cash.)

Kate - my sympathies. It sounds like your mother had a great and fun life and has a daughter to match. Nothing wrong with living a full, loved and loving life.

At 10:24 p.m., April 06, 2005, Anonymous Karin said...

O.k., I can't stand it anymore. I added a comment yesterday (or maybe Monday - short term memory is a one of those perimenopause things....). Anyway, I thought at first that it hadn't posted - something weird happened when I hit the publish button. And the 'comments' counter hadn't been incremented. But when I come back in, my comment is here. And today, still, the counter isn't working. This is my perhaps vain attempt to try to increment the comment counter. Let's hope I don't have to do this too many times, or else Kate will come back to update her site and become giddy with the thought of all kinds of people commenting. When she sees its only me......well, lets hope the counter thingy works this time, to save her some disappointment.

Oh yeah, and loonie rambling is another one of those mid-life things.


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