Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sock It To Me...BABY

The Kool-Aid dyed sock

Detail on the cuff

More of the Kool-Aid sock Posted by Hello

In honour of Karin, here's a sock post. For the record, I love knitting socks. Correction -- I love knitting Sock...singular. The second sock is ... well, it's an issue is what it is.

In keeping with tradition, here is ONE single solitary sock, in desperate need of a mate. It might be a while getting a mate because the resident genius making it didn't pay proper attention to where in the yarn varigation she started the cuff and after 4 attempts, I have not been able to duplicate the spiralling band of colour down the cuff. Grrrrrrr.... I'm going to give it one more attempt and then I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do to deal with it.

The official excuse, of course, is that my handy dandy Atti-Turbo circular sock knitting needles are currently engaged on Silas' sock....don't believe a freaking word I say when it comes to "the second sock" excuses. I've even tried to pass off that the dryer ate the second sock but everyone now knows me better.

But, back to this particularly lonesome sock, I thought for a change I'd try the spiral rib cuff. It's really pretty and great if you or the recipient likes "slouchy" socks. For the "tighty socks" people, it would drive them totally crazy.

The yarn would be my old standby -- Briggs and Little 100% worsted weight wool. It's one of my favourite wools to work with because it's tougher than nails. I was digging through a closet at home yesterday looking for something else and found a shawl collared pullover sweater Mom knit in B&L. It looks like it came off the needles yesterday. It could have, if yesterday had been 25 yrs ago.

And while B&L makes some interesting colours, the ones in the photo aren't anything they came up with. It's my first dying attempt, done with Kool-Aid. More tomorrow on that project.

Talk to you's all laters; thanks for reading.


At 2:10 p.m., April 08, 2005, Anonymous Karin said...

A sock post for me? I feel so honoured. And, let me tell you, I was starting to investigate this whole kool aid dye thing and had come across 3 different versions, with totally different instructions, so your upcoming post will be welcome. A woman at my guild had kool aid dyed some Kroy sock yarn and it looked wonderful. I'm hoping to make it to Spinrite's factory warehouse sale in August (its about an hour's drive from me), so I may end up with bags of the same beige coloured sock yarn. I can't wait for that sale - people who've been say they've walked out with bags and bags of yarn for a fraction of the retail price. Let's hope there's something decent there.

And sock #2 - well, I starting knitting 2 at the same time (on 2 sets of dp's though, I've only made one disastrous attempt with circs so far) because I desperately need socks made from self-striping/jaquard stuff to match exactly. It drives me batty otherwise, even though noone else can see it. Meanwhile, dog hair and dust fly around the piles of stuff in my living room...... perfectly matched socks are much more important than housework.

At 8:17 a.m., April 09, 2005, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Meanwhile, dog hair and dust fly around the piles of stuff in my living room...... perfectly matched socks are much more important than housework.

Well, like Yeah, Woman, what the hell were you thinkin'?? Can dust free surfaces keep thier widdle feeties warm ... I'm a-thinking not. Knit on sister, you have nothing to loose but your guilt. (Or if your place looks like mine, one of the kids but Gotha Stewart's tip for the day is tie a short string helium balloon to the back of their pants and then you can always find the shorter members of the family. Voila...problem solved!!!


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