Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fibre Option 2005

How do we get to Gagetown again??

Ohhhhhhhhh, but I’m a bad ‘Blogger…I was supposed to have this up and running a week ago.

Fibre Options 2005 -- Saturday June 4 at Grimross Crafts, 14 Mill Rd in the Village of Gagetown, It’s going to be a fun day. Sheep shearing, demos of weaving, spinning, crocheting, knitting, rug hooding, carding, dyeing and probably a few other things you can do with wool.

Liz will be there with her dye pot. Trish is going to knit. I’m going to stand around and try to look intelligent and/or do needle felting, which so reminds me, I need to learn that sometime between now and June 4th. This afternoon is free…guess what I’m doing?

Need more information…just click on the link, provided that this Odd ball managed to figure out the linky thingie.

On that note, I’m off to stab myself repeatedly with really, really sharp needles, assuming, of course, I can find the damn needle felting kit in this pile of rubble.

Talk at you’se laters; thanks for reading.


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