Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Progress being made...

Getting there...

The Trinity Stitch Shawl continues. This is the start of the beaded edge. I'll tell you all about it but right now, the kid requires her appointment with the paediatrican, or something spelled roughly like "children's doctor".



12 noon: Half the day is shot and I’ve accomplished the grand sum total of nothing squared. Okay, there is that issue of taking the kidling to the doctor, and getting an abdominal x-ray as we try to get to the bottom of her unexplained, intermittent, completely out in left field belly aches. After a considerable consultation with the paediatrician, I came to the conclusion, we’re never going to know what or why. Nevertheless, it serves as household entertainment for a while yet.

And if grousing about performing my most basic duties of child rearing as interfering with my knitting schedule doesn’t net me a nomination for “Mother of the Year”, I have no idea what will make it this year.

On the knitting front, and as you can all see, the Trinity Stitch Shawl is off the needles, ends woven in and in the beading process which is becoming more problematic by the hour. My daylight hours of late seem to be taken up with minor details like running a house and looking after the family and working at night on beading… I am here to tell you I am officially too old for that shite. I just don’t have the eyes for it anymore and regardless of how many spotlights I put on the workspace, there are some things, like threading grey beading thread through a extra fine beading needle that demand natural light. Yeah, I know, one of those thread-er things … doesn’t help picking up the seed beads. Time to just face up to the fact that the eyes aren’t what they used to be for some things. Of course, it doesn’t help that the specs are out of date with the prescription and it’s going to take two weeks to get the new ones on my face. The good news is that they’re actually ordered and paid for, so some of the problems, like seeing the computer screen clearly, should be alleviated.

Nevertheless, new specs, magnifying glasses, spot lights, Ott Lights, whatever, some projects are forever in the “daylight” hours realm anymore. Prime example would be working on black or with black. I just can’t do it anymore. I’ve got about 2000 m of really nice, very fine, lace weight mercerized cotton here that would make a kick-ass shawl, very Mediterranean/Spanish influences. In my mind, I can see it now. It would be delicious. I haven’t even bothered thinking about specific patterns because I know I couldn’t work on it most of the hours that I knit.
And lately, doing beaded work is getting to the same point. I’m hoping that new glasses will help with that detail because I love beaded embellishment. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll have a few close-ups of the beading detail on the Trinity Stitch Shawl.

Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.


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