Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sheep Thrills in Fredericton

Liz's Yarns -- Sheep Thrills is the name. Cute, eh?

Liz and I spent a knitting/spinsters dream evening last night. She was dying about 800 miles of slubbie and I was just taking the Trinity Stitch Shawl off the needles. I’m trying to get in the habit of carrying the new camera around with me and we spent half an hour photographing her latest batch of yummies. Sheep Thrills is the name of the yarn and it will be available in Singer on York St first of the week.

Amazing how a month ago, it would have taken us a couple of hours to get it all together but the learning curve has been conquered and we’ve got it down to a bit of a science.

After we managed the photographing, I started working out the beading pattern for the shawl edge and Liz read aloud from Deb’s Dudley’s Tie Dye Rovings, when she wasn’t ohhhh-ing and ahhhhh-ing at the incredible colours and just eye-yummies. We laughed and we cried. It’s a great ‘Blog and if you haven’t checked it yet, don’t delay.

Again, all hail to the Odd Ball Knittery IT dept. Himself, knowing that the whining and snivelling and bitching and grousing and complaining and sighing and sucking of wind was never going to cease, thought he’d do an end run on the whole natter fest and went out and bought a new computer. Ours had come over on the Ark and it was acting weirder by the day. Transferring photos from the digital camera to the Blog was becoming an 18-step process. I had to download to the laptop, and have Brian dump it onto the desktop. Can we all spell ‘pain in the ass’? Oh, yes, indeed-y.

So, for Mother’s Day, he bought me a new computer, one with the memory ports in the front. Stick the memory stick in and zap, pictures loaded. Another click, drop the CD in and burn them. I did Liz’s product shots inside 10 minutes last night after getting home from her place and the hardest part of the process was finding a Sharpie to write “Liz’s Yarns” on the CD. Now that’s technology that makes sense. And I’m a-liking it. Our place should be a bitch-free zone for the next 18 hours or so.

Well, he’s still tweaking. He had to endure a minor temper tantrum this morning when the firewall ‘protected’ me from signing on the my email, the Blog or the picture sharing programs. Thanks Norton Utilities…if you thinking I’m impressed by the inconvenience and bullshit, I’m not. And no, I won’t be renewing my ‘trial’ version. Today, if I’d had an axe handy, I’d have removed the firewall from the system in a totally rude way that is unlikely covered by warranty.

Not that I’m cranky enough with the fact that our hot water in the apartment building is non-existent and I haven’t managed to get in touch with the landlord yet. The only thing that could improve today would be menstrual cramps and listening to the cat throw up on the couch as she tries to evacuate yet another hairball. Oh never mind, we’re there already.

Apparently, I spoke too hastily. What the day really needed was for the battle ship sized roast pan of chicken stew to burn in the oven while the Chef blogs away merrily.

So, all you mothers out there, here’s looking at you, kiddo. Hope you had a happy one or at least, you’re not contemplating infanticide…which considering my 9 year old hasn’t figure out that ice cream belongs in the freezer and not as a permanent fixture on the counter, is a distinct possibility here in the Odd Ball Haven. I’ll let you know tomorrow if she has any hope of making a decade.

Talk to you’se all laters; thanks for reading.


At 1:21 a.m., May 10, 2005, Blogger Liz said...

she will make it Don't let kate fool you. the kid will survive. I know I spent the day at the mall with the two of them. everyone survived unscathed and had a s$%@# load of fodder to prove it.


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