Friday, June 03, 2005

Taking the show on the road...

Getting there...

Tomorrow marks my grand dé but as a fibre artist in a public space or at least an Odd Ball imitation of one. I’m demonstrating needle felting at the Village of Gagetown fibre festival, Fibre Option 05, starting in the morning. Cast members so far for the fandangle is Liz, our dying maven; Barb, who organized the dog and pony show; Trish and Diane, both from the Singer store and master hand knitters, and your truly, who is scheduled to torture widdle bits of wool without provocation.

If there seems to be some interest in it, we’ll consider doing some workshops in the fall. I haven’t got my hopes held out for a huge turnout. First off, this is the premier run of the festival and we all know that the first year of anything is light on attendance. Secondly, the weather has been so darn crappy in this part of the world that this is literally going to be the first decent weekend we’ve seen for 6 weeks or more. I’m thinking a whole lot of backyard gardeners are going to be playing catch-up. Nevertheless, it’s a day out with the girls and I suspect we’ll have a riotous good time. And you just know it’s going to be blog fodder for the next month or more.

In the queue of things to do for the day include finishing my “Odd Ball” sign and getting it mounted, packing and more or less getting shite organized. Are we taking any bets on the success of that mission? No…don’t blame you in the least little bit.

In the meanwhile, I need to post this and get my arse up the hill to Fabricville and pick up some backing cloth for the sign and a few more errands.

Talk to you’se all laters; thanks for reading. Oh yeah, and don't forget your's getting summer-ish out there.


At 10:11 p.m., June 03, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have fun at the festival and good luck. Hope you have a decent turnout. Wish I was closer to attend and meet you and your gang of fiber enthusiasts (or should I say fiberholics?). Toodles!


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