Saturday, July 30, 2005

Working instead of goofing on the long weekend

This week, acid dyes...

Neither sick, nor lame to be offered as an excuse but possibly lazy will cut it, the ‘Blog is a day late (and several dollars short) but …but

I’ve been very productive the last few days. I’m into the third repeat of the Faux Russian Stole which has been my hand-knitting baby for the past couple of weeks. I wish the colours of it would photograph better. There’s little flecks of navy in it and it’s very heathery.

I ran into Liz last night at the pub, just before Oneida and I went home to cook dinner. I relayed my adventures in dyeing -- I think she could only shake her head in muttered amusement that I tackled the silk first, considering that I’d bought six skeins of Briggs & Little singles to practice dyeing. Something about fools rush in where angels fear to tread. I was rather astounded how much dye the silk took. I used the entire large jar and considering that it retails at $18.50 a jar, it was expensive.

“Acid dyes are better for that”, were the words of wisdom, so I went home and contemplated the very large box of the Majic Carpet acid dyes I’d bought when I was at London-Wul Farms. After considerable pondering, I decided I couldn’t make much more mess than I did with Kool-Aid, and all in all, that experiment turned out all right.

Have you ever noticed how frequently the correct answer to any dilemma is “OH, what the hell….?” Consequently, today was acid dye day. I’m happy with the results. Above is four 100g skeins of Briggs & Little singles. The first two are “Wow! No Kidding!” red for Christmas stockings (more on that later) and the other two are experiments with near exhausted dye bath where I’m just having a bit of fun.

I know at some point, something is going to go awry and I’m going to end up with a bucket of god-awful but so far, beginner’s luck has held.

You wanna salute the guy wearing these socks.

Last night, in the midst of my pondering, sans gin for the record, my eye fell upon my much neglected knitting machine. I’ll confess, the thing has me a bit in the puck-shy mode. It is not the walk in the park I might have dreamed it would be. But I’ve taken a a couple of good pieces of advice from Lynn Laagland, the Yarn Haven Lady who sold it to me. The first was to NOT stash it away. It’s been sitting, very prominently, in the kitchen for the past two weeks. And last night, I decided to take another flying leap at it. If I'd put it away in a closet, it would still be sitting in a box and I'd be suffering from the out of sight, out of mind sydrome. Where it is, I'm tripping over it and it has taken over the kitchen. It will eventually get moved into the studio space of my bedroom but right now, I think I'm best off with it front and centre. I’d found a pattern for Christmas stockings and by the end of the night, I had it entirely knit.

For the record, I semi-hate it. It took me a while to figure out why. I did it exactly according to the pattern which will probably cause Liz to have a stroke or something. There’s a finishing detail on it that I don’t like but I’ve figured out how to fix that for the Mark II edition. I finally decided that it’s just not OddBall enough for me but that’s okay. I can OddBall it at leisure now that I’ve got the basics worked out.

The other good news is that I now know that I can use my much beloved Briggs & Little singles in the new knitting machine. It’s my favourite yarn, full stop. There is nothing I don’t like about it and I think in the back of my mind, I was a little afraid it wouldn’t work in the machine. No, I didn’t say any of this was rational (pass the gin).

But now I’ve got the yarn and a small project that I can play with, all is well. I think I need a little confidence builder with the knitting machine. I don’t do humble worth a damn.

In any event, I have to feed this tribe of marauding locusts sometime tonight and my sister Kelly is up from Halifax for the long weekend, so I’ll talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.


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What it could be useful for?


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