Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oh my paws and whiskers...

Time's a-ticking...

Super short blog today....I've finally got 5 minutes to myself and I've got to spend it getting ready for the machine knitters guild workshop this Friday night. I am, of course, sadly behind in all projects.

The felting needles I ordered a while back aren't here yet. Panic...I'll panic Thursday.

Trying to catch up with the Liz for lunch...woman is busier than the proverbial bandersnatch with all her blithing and twinging. I understand from secret sources that she's sporting a sexy new hair cut but of course, I haven't had a sighting of it yet. Anyone spots our buff girl at the gym, tell her to call Lard Arse -- I still have the same phone number, and the same wide load sign on my keister.

Okay, have to go stab myself. It's been a slow morning.Talk at you'se all laters; thanks for reading.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

An OddBall Salute to Teachers...


I'd raise my glass to all the teachers in this world, but it would mean moving my 'chalk' arm and that just wouldn't work right now.

Holy Cow...ladies, do you do it? I had 6, highly motivated adult learners who were keen to take in as much as possible. And they exhausted me. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I cannot imagine a class of 30 10 years olds, half of whom don't want to be there and some of whom have really intense learning issues.

To the teachers of the world...YOU have my undying respect. And Gratitude. And thank you from the bottom of my little literate heart.

So what's new at the OddBall Knittery, you ask? Not much I'm afraid. I'm still making (minor) inroads on organizing it. I'm trying to get some needle felting finished up as I've been invited to demonstrate at the Maritime Machine Knitters Guild annual workshop here in Fredericton, weekend of Sept 30 - Oct 2. I am really looking forward to that weekend, mostly to meet other machine knitters and get some tips and pointers I so desperately need.

I have actually run the knitting machine for about an hour and have got a sleeve done on another baby sweater. I hope to finish that up tonight because I go back to work on Monday. Fortunately, I have my night shifts off and this time, I won't be prepping for a week long teaching gig, so I plan to get some knitting done.

I've got a pattern for Norwegian style sweaters. I'm really keen to tie into one of those. I think, however, I need to get some more yarn. Up for a road trip there, Lizzie??

Talk at you'se all laters, hopefully a full week later; thanks for reading.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Sign of Progress.

The OddBall is in residence

On a couple of the webrings that the OddBall Knittery belong to are pretty clear about their rules. You have to blog about knitting and you have to blog frequently. I think the suggested guidelines are weekly. I am so going to get my ass kicked off them if they do a check anytime this month. When’s the last time I mentioned knitting? I mean other than the fact I haven’t knit a damn thing?

It’s coming, it’s all coming together. Soon machine and needles and yarn and space and time shall come together in a great harmonious uplifting and Textiles -- they shall be borne. Have faith, dear Readers. Have faith.

In fact, you see where the lighting for the Odd Ball Knittery, Bar Grill and Bitch Session has arrived. When the lights are on, the OddBall is in residence! Drop in for a coffee if you’re vaccinated against dust bunnies.

Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.

Oh, yeah, by the way…next week I’m teaching. Unlikely I’m going to knit a damn thing next week either. In fact, I’ll consider it nothing short of miraculous if I’ve found all the knitting plunder before Christmas.

I'll blog about it anyway. Who are these organized people who manage to have a life, knit and write about it too?? I'm thinking 2 out of 3 is good ...


I haven't knit a damn thing.

I haven't even bought yarn.

Yes, I'm starting to twitch but....


The studio is starting to fill out. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures to post tomorrow.

Talk at you'se all laters; thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Storage Porn.... just for Diana

Stacking cubes of organization

Diana, the Dysfunktional Knitter, frequent commentator and often inspiration for the OddBall Knittery was bemoaning the fact that her beloved Yarn Stash is, well, errrrrrrr, stashed. Strangely enough, Liz, the Bestest Friend Ever, and one of her OddBall Friends, were simultaneously moaning about the exact same thing. It might have even been a multicultural, international, cross-border, regulated by NAFTA, bipartisan moan, for all we know. But here’s the bottom line…we’ve all outgrown the RubberMaid™ containers.

The Stash, acquired with great stealth and at considerable expense, cannot be left sitting downstairs in the basement in one of those big assed plastic containers. Firstly, because all us dumb ass girls forget we bought it in the first place and we don’t remember it when we go to knit something. Secondly, I don’t know about you lot but I swear by all that is Holy and Mohair, this OddBall finds a container the size of my freezer full of yarn I have absolutely NO idea what it’s going to be when it grows up, to be a very intimidating sight. When I see those containers sitting there, my brain freezes. And my stomach churns. And I break into a feverish sweat.

Okay, maybe that last part is about the fact that I still have the flu from Hell. But the point I make is that the RubberMaid™ Grave Yard for Forgotten Yarns ain’t working no more. I need to be able to see the Stash and access the Stash and turn the Stash into actually knitted thingies of some size, shape, colour or description. And, I’m here to tell you, the knitting machine has made the Stash Issue 10 times worse because you know you’re going to whip through 50 gram in lickity-split, so you buy eight skeins of it instead of the two you would have normally bought. I was going to say "bought under saner circumstances" but then thought better of it.

Simple and accessible

So today, thinking I had recovered from the flu from Hell, leveraged my arse out of bed and off to Wal-Mart. Liz had done a reconnaissance mission early last week and had found a thing called the Towel Tower, which you have to admit, has a hellaciously impressive name. It also weighed 86 pounds and looked like one of those things that on previous excursions to the DIY side of the street, have caused me to be come perilously close to divorcing and/or beating the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division over the head with a hammer.

I ended up with these Cubic Designs things instead. They are 35 cm x 35 cm PVC coated wire racks that snap together with plastic do-hickies. Three cubes to a package which retails for $19.97 at the Wal-Mart. I would have priced them at Canuck Tire but quite frankly, my optimism about being over the flu was slightly premature and I just wanted to get home.

They go together really well, although I suspect that 95% of the ‘ease of assembly’ comes from the fact that SOME resident of the Knittery, who shall remained nameless, was out war gaming and thus I was lamentably deprived of his technical assistance.

In any event, I think they’ll work. I’m off to bed soonest. This plague has me beat to a pulp. Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.

Monday, September 12, 2005

It's a start

Here it is...the new home of the OddBall Knittery, Bar and Grill. Walls are painted. Liz and I are sorted to go get some yarn storage devices that aren't RubberMaid containers on Thursday.

In the meanwhile, I have the 'flu and I'm going back to bed.

Talk to you'se all laters; thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How very Odd...

An most unusual sight

Dear and Gentle Readers, any guesses as to what the miracle above should be?

Why, yes, it is my bedroom floor. And guess what? There’s, like, tiles there. Please note the amazing lack of piles and piles of plunder, laundry, last decade’s work pants, things to be ironed, things to be mended, things that need to be sorted. I will confess it was largely the efforts of the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division who saved the day. Something about not wanting me to keel over from an asthma attack which was a very real possibility. I nearly got done in by a dust bunny on Friday last and the bedroom went from an appalling mess to a health hazard.

I think I’m going to paint it today.

I know, this is knitting blog and I really have a duty to blog about knitting, so here goes:

The purple silk shawl…same place just more of it. It’s just a little better than 5’ in diameter. Needs a few more inches.

The Faux Russian Stole, remember that? Haven’t done a damn thing to it.

The knitting machines…well, that’s really the Odd IT And Technical Support Division’s nefarious plan. Apparently, patience is running a little thin with having to vacate the kitchen every time he wants to make a piece of toast. The bedroom/studio space is going to transformed from bedroom/laundry pile/junk drawer to proper studio space.

So, I’m off to the paint store for some little chip things and then it’s off to consult with Liz whom I haven’t laid eyes on in forever. She’s probably gone all buff on me and I won’t recognize her.

First day of school… now just how wrong would it be fore the two Mommas to sit in the September sun and drink a couple of Tim Horton’s spiked with Kahlua? I’m thinking it’s a good plan.