Sunday, September 25, 2005

An OddBall Salute to Teachers...


I'd raise my glass to all the teachers in this world, but it would mean moving my 'chalk' arm and that just wouldn't work right now.

Holy Cow...ladies, do you do it? I had 6, highly motivated adult learners who were keen to take in as much as possible. And they exhausted me. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I cannot imagine a class of 30 10 years olds, half of whom don't want to be there and some of whom have really intense learning issues.

To the teachers of the world...YOU have my undying respect. And Gratitude. And thank you from the bottom of my little literate heart.

So what's new at the OddBall Knittery, you ask? Not much I'm afraid. I'm still making (minor) inroads on organizing it. I'm trying to get some needle felting finished up as I've been invited to demonstrate at the Maritime Machine Knitters Guild annual workshop here in Fredericton, weekend of Sept 30 - Oct 2. I am really looking forward to that weekend, mostly to meet other machine knitters and get some tips and pointers I so desperately need.

I have actually run the knitting machine for about an hour and have got a sleeve done on another baby sweater. I hope to finish that up tonight because I go back to work on Monday. Fortunately, I have my night shifts off and this time, I won't be prepping for a week long teaching gig, so I plan to get some knitting done.

I've got a pattern for Norwegian style sweaters. I'm really keen to tie into one of those. I think, however, I need to get some more yarn. Up for a road trip there, Lizzie??

Talk at you'se all laters, hopefully a full week later; thanks for reading.


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