Monday, December 12, 2005

The rewards of home felting

Riches beyond compare

Oh, I’m just so very excited. I can hardly contain myself. I went downstairs the other day and you’ll never guess what I found -- I think that the OddBall IT Help Desk and Technical Support Division bought me a set of home felting machines for Christmas. They’re not so big as you might expect but look very solid in their white enamel jackets. The one on the left you can put dirty clothes in and some soap and half an hour later, the clothes are all wet but much cleaner than before. It also has a ‘hot water’ button (what will these engineers think of next), which activates the ‘felting function’.

I tried it out the other day because I just couldn’t contain myself. I used several pairs of jeans to help balance the load. According to the directions on the lid of the left hand one, load balancing is very important to the felting function. I put in the keruffle scarf and voila, I now have a shorter but much feltier kerfuffle scarf.

And…ohhhhhhhh and this is the bestest part….the machine gives money back. Look what I found in the bottom of it when I took the jeans and everything out -- $12. I’m sure this machine will pay for itself in short order at this rate.

Today, it’s Briggs & Little run for Jackie, Liz and this here OddBall. Yeah, I actually do NEED more yarn. Honest, it’s not some scam I’m pulling on the OddBall IT Help Desk and Technical Support Division, in spite of his misgivings on the matter.

I’d tell more but…okay, the hard part about having a knitting blog where you’re supposed to blog about knitting, is that

a) you have to have knitting in order to blog or
b) you have to be able to blog about what you’re knitting.

I’ve had a few occasions over the past nine months where I had nothing knit to blog about. This time, it’s worse yet again. I’m stuck in the hideous situation of Door # 2. I have a zillion things knit, part knit and in desperate need of being finished knitting around or about the 25th of this here month. The bad part is that many of the persons for whom this knitting is destined read this blog so if I talk about it here, they know what they get for Christmas which totally kills the whole point of having it wrapped up in pretty paper in the first place. You all following this? Of course you are -- I have the smartest readers ever.

And no, dammit, I have no intentions of finishing that sweater, so just enough with the pouting.

In any event, the adventure continues. I’ll talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.


At 11:23 a.m., December 13, 2005, Blogger jackie said...

I want a felting machine like yours. Mine only spits out pennies and rocks.


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