Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back off, Liz...

Get your scarf

And hat

The rest of the weekend was marginally more productive than Friday. To date, I have managed to drag several large bits of crap out of the studio and I have recollection that there is a floor down there somewhere. I’ve wound two balls of wool, knit yet another panel on the pig jacket and have contemplated much.

I’ve also taken up papier mache. I decided I needed some heads to display hats on and well, what can one say about Styrofoam heads other than they are just plain bloody tacky. So in true OddBall fashion, the 30 second acquisition of the Styrofoam head became another make-work project that will stretch out over three or four days. There’s just NOTHING simple in my world, is there?

It’s entirely Liz’s fault, of course. Me and La Famille tracked her and Joe Poet down during her 29th birthday brunch and crashed it. Okay, the excuse was we came to bring her present to her but I digress. I murmurled something about ticky-tacky and she came up with the bright idea of papier mache’ng it with brown craft paper. That’s her contribution this week to world peace -- finding me something else to do with my time.

The project, like all projects in the OddBall crib, ended up with one, but just one, trip to the hardware store. I know I have a crate load of wallpaper paste downstairs somewhere but you’d need a whip and a chair to beat your way through the dust bunnies in that ‘storage room’. There’s a reason the Christmas tree lights and tinsel and boxes of ornaments are still sitting on the far end of the couch. Even the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division is afraid to go down there.

And finally, there’s the completely finished Irish Hiking Scarf, along with the almost complete Irish Hiking Hat. It needs a big tassel at the top and I think ear flaps -- Miss Liz disagreeing with that last bit. As these things usually turn out, I’ll knit them and then decided 10 minutes later to tear them out but until then, it’s in need of earflaps. In any event, she wants to steal it but she'd really prefer if I'd make in rust or burgundy before she commits her minor theft.

And the weekend ended with me doing some Done-Buts™. And just realized that I need to get off my can and design, print or by some means, acquire hang tags for this pile of plunder I’ve got started for the fall sale season. I think that should go ahead without any more than 12 trips to the hardware store, 6 to a stationary store, and I’ll just go move into the liquor store.

In any event, duty calls and it’s back to the grind again for me. Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.


At 7:24 p.m., January 17, 2006, Anonymous Willie's Momma said...

Willie asked me today whether Aunt Kate was experiencing the same extreme weather changes as we were here. He knows that she would never leave him freezing his *parts* while as he did his business outside. But have no fear -- it is supposed to be double digits here again tomorrow.

He made Momma feel tremendously guilty about the fact that his faux beaver coat no longer fits around his muscular shoulders (to say nothing about its placement around his pendulous gut!)

I am just kidding you. There is no rush. Ham freezes well! hahahahaha

At 9:13 a.m., January 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Irish Hiking Scarf and the hat are absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe you can knit that well and imbibe in alcohol at the same time. I think knitting and drinking should be an olympic sport!


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