Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another 8 rows, another 8 rows, another 8...

I'm with ya, brother

This painting by Thom Evans captures exactly how I feel right now. It's midnight. I've knit all day. I feel I'm no farther ahead than I was this morning. Realistically, I am. I'm about a foot farther than I was yesterday but we are approaching that horrid stage of OH MY GOD THIS IS NEVER GOING TO END. EVER.

There's not even any sense in posting a current picture of the shawl because it looks exactly like it did yesterday. Well, you'd literally need a landmark to figure out the difference.

Why? Why? Why do I do this to myself...apparently, I have a masochist streak that had been hereto unknown to me. Someone, quick, tell me it's for charity. It's for a good cause. I am so freaking sick and tired of this border, I can't even start to describe how much I'm done with it. I really need to finish this before the end of the next century.

Oh well, I'm just going to keep at it. I've done this enough to know that there's only one way out of this mess that doesn't involve a 5-litre can of gasoline and a box of safety matches.

Okay, I'm going to go knit for another hour and then lay me down to sleep. And then toss and turn worrying about this stupid ass border. Talk to you'se laters; thanks for reading.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Still at it

Early in the bleary morning hours

This is what the shawl looked like at 0600h Atlantic Standard Time. I've got about 3/8s left to knit and then there's that odd bit at the bottom of the crochet filet on the left hand side.

There's murder and mayhem on BBC Canada tonight, so I'll probably have a good go at it. When I see it all laid out like this, I'm actually encouraged that I'm getting somewhere.

OHHHHHHHH Yeah... almost forgot. The on-line auction for the Tyler Hamilton Foundation ends tomorrow night. If you had your eye on the Sarah Oliver handbag, or the Sherpa Shawl Collared Jacket in teal (Gorgeous!!!), now would be the time to get cracking.

Later all. Dalziel & Pascoe beckon. Talk to you'se all laters; thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The End is Nigh

Better than gold anyday

By general observation, I think it’s safe to say that most who signed up for the knitting Olympics didn’t make the finish line by deadline. The one exception would be CanKNITian who finished her project. Me? Not even close so I don’t qualify for a medal or a button. It’s okay, I have a basket of crocuses instead.

How much of it do I have done? Well, in the OddBall universe, these Olympics don’t end until I’m off shift tomorrow morning. Today is not finished until I go to sleep and that isn’t yet. Right now, it’s 3:28 pm and I’m almost ready to tackle breakfast.

Right now, I’ve got about one third of it done. I’d have done a bit better but last night, I lost the needle and by the time I’d recovered ALL the stitches, I had lost about 10 inches of knit border.

It's pretty

I have noticed two ‘splots’ in the main body of the shawl which I have to figure out how to repair. They’re very noticeable and while they would be simple to fix if I was working with wool, I suspect this won’t be so easy on silk. Something else for me to worry about. Good because fretting about peace in the middle East was getting tedious.

Anyway, it’s a working day so I need to hit the shower and contemplate what this tribe of rabid hyenas I live with are eating for dinner. I mean other than “chicken” because that’s what’s defrosted.

Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Okay, whose idea was this, anyway?


For those of you who’ve had enough of Winter, Olympics and/or Winter Olympics, and just need a bit of summer sunshine in your life, be-bop over to Jackie’s blog and download, copy, chisel unto stone tablets, her recipe for vegetable soup. Oh, yes, Momma, it’s a keeper. It’s a potful as you can see. And yes, that is the spoon standing up. This is no wimpy soup. It’s a meal. Eat your heart out, Campbells.

Different kind of yummy

Well, I’ll be. Apparently, this Knitting Winter Olympic project, you know the one where you cast on at the torch lighting and cast off when they snuff the thing…there’s a hitch. And that hitch would be you’re required to cast on and cast off during the SAME Olympics. I mean, who the hell came up with that dumbassed idea.

Okay, we’ve got three days left to go in this Olympics. I’ve got a meter of border done. I have 9 million meters left to knit and about a billion DoneButs™ that aren't done. So which Olympics are we aiming for cast off? I’m thinking Vancouver 2010 is sounding good. I mean, we could get all rushy-rushy here and try to have it done by closing ceremonies of Beijing 2008 but haste makes waste, right?

I’m back to work tomorrow. Apparently, the plague that infested me has run its course and I’m back to feeling human. I’m sure that’s the problem with this deadline thing -- I was too sick to drink and it’s had a negative impact on productivity. That’s the problem with us amateurs. We have no means of dealing with these last minute adjustments.

Talk to you’se laters; thanks for reading.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

OddBall Epidemic

I'm with ya, brother.

How sick do you have to be to not knit? Very sick indeed. I don't think I lifted my head all day.

On the up side, I passed it on to the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division. I hate to be selfish about these things.

Happy belated anniversary to Diana, the Dysfunktional Knitter who just marked her 29th wedding anniversary to the now famous Mr. Effer.

Oh, yeah, the shawl border. Some smart arse in my house made some crack about me spending all day knitting only to have to rip it all out the next day. Thanks Mr Unmentionable. The border got about 8 inches shorter last night. Thanks babe, don't think I won't exact my revenge.

Okay, I'm back to bed. Talk to you'se all laters; thanks for reading.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Spring's coming, folks

Because sometimes you just have to stop and admire the crocuses. Crocusi.

Yeah, back at it... I know, I know. You lot of bloody slave drivers.

Talk to you'se laters; thanks for reading.

Day 9: Getting somewhere.

Crochet filet insert

This morning's efforts have been attaching the crochet filet insert of the border on to the main body of the shawl. There was a bit of humming and hawing but I settled down with a modified mattress stitch.

Modified, you say? Yes, two threads of the main body of the shawl and one bar from the filet crochet.

On more problem to solve in that I'm going to have two little triangles at the short edge of the filet border that will need to be filled in. I'm working on it.

I'd stick around and yack but those needles have to burn this week. Talk to you'se all laters; thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Warning: Duller than ditchwater still ahead

Day 9

Contrary to Jackie’s dire predictions of two million stitches left to go, left in the comments section of Feb 18, I think I’m actually down to under 75 000 stitches left in the shawl border. Now there’s a nice manageable number for you.

Today’s the start of days off and I’ve had a nice little sleeps, thank you. I’m predicting a rather productive set of days off, given that the only pressing demand on my time is one trip to the orthodontist to have half of Home Hardware and three-quarters of my chequing account installed in Ditto’s mouth. Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood -- I’m sure it ranks right up there with labour pains, something I had the sense to skip all together.


I blocked the filet crochet bit, all four feet of it, and I think the installation is going to happen tomorrow. I just have to think of how I’m going to attach it. The options are knit it on, crochet it on, or sew it in. Right now, I’m leaning to the sewing option for sheer simplicity. The conundrum, however, does give me something to mull over while I’m knitting because we’re getting to the point where it’s just becoming tedious and repetitious. Never fear, mind-numbingly-bore-the-enamel-right-off-your-teeth is only about three days away. Some silly expression comes to mind about the journey being as interesting as the destination springs into mind. Obviously, a statement made by some fool who never picked up a set of knitting needles.

An ironing board full

I did have a momentary panic attack when I started mentally debating if I had enough of the purple silk to finish the boarder. I’m one of these people that if I don’t have a zillion tons of the stuff on hand, I start fretting. I was starting to work out my contingency plans of what to do if this whole thing went to hell in a hand basket and I was short enough yarn. Thankfully, I found another 100 grams or so which means I’ve officially got enough and then some.

The border is weighing in at the 17 inch mark. I’m to the point where I’ve got it memorized except there’s one section on rows 3 and 5 where I still get a bit confused. And there’s one YO that keeps wanting to commit suicide on the wrong sided rows. But other than that, there’s not much to say other than I need to get back at it.

Just a reminder: the online auction for the Tyler Hamilton Foundation is a little better than half over. Lots of cool stuff there, including a felted handbag donated by Sarah Oliver.

Talk to you all tomorrow; thanks for reading.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knitting Olympics Update

Update Day 8

Week One has come and gone without much action on the OddBall front. This is so bloody typical of me. But after several false starts, we are ....


Yes, it's a shawl, off the needles with a border being knit on. More or less the plan of a week ago.

Up Close & Personal

And there you have it ... back to bed time for this OddBall. I'm working nights. Talk at you'se all laters; thanks for reading.

PS: Who the hell invited Winter back??

Friday, February 17, 2006

Getting somewhere at last


So what have I been doing the past couple of days? For the most part, I’ve been correcting errors in judgement. After having cast off about 3/8’s of the main shawl border, I decided the cast off was too tight. So I spent several hours undoing the cast off and putting it back on the needles and then recasting off with a needle two sizes larger.

It worked much better.

Now we’re getting much better. It’s almost a week late but the bloody border is cast on and you will note, it is attached to the shawl.

Yahoo!!! I’m so excited, I’m going to sleep.

Talk to you laters; thanks for reading.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No, really, we did some work

More or less-ish the colour

Why I’m posting this to show you all the colour is beyond me. Every monitor shows is going to demonstrate it differently. I would describe it as more pewter than silver. Although silver was what I was originally thinking of, the pewter bit means it blends without blending into the main shawl better. Oh right, that made sense. I think my point to publishing this column is to prove to the doubters in the audience that the Liz and I did more than sit around last night, swilling beer and stuffing our faces with chocolate truffles.

Liz claims she’s drinking as much as she can to support my Knitting Olympic efforts but I think she needs to redouble or even triple her efforts. Jackie, you can put a little more effort into it as well.

I’m going to go knit now. It’ll keep me from fantasizing about completely redesigning this shawl border.

Talk to you’se laters; thanks for reading.

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day to the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

Stage One

Another day shot to Hell with little to show in the way of results but much accomplished in the “Don’t be doing this” department, which frequently is just as important.

On the bright side, the clock is running down to midnight with one thing accomplished. I'm pleased to announce that the filet crochet bit changed colour. It’s not exactly the colour pictured because after some grumbling, beer drinking and general arsing about, Liz hollered the OddBall Battle Cry ™ -- Oh What the Hell -- and overdyed it all with a hint o’lavender. It looks great with judgement reserved for the morn and natural light.

Now, OddBall, you ask, what all about that border we keep hearing you harp on about? Well, there’s been a minor technical glitch that had remained undetected until about an hour ago. The main body of the shawl is knit on 6 mm needles. The border is on 3.75 mm needles which is fine because the direction of knitting is in two different directions. The main body of the shawl is oriented ==== while the border is running perpendicular to that.

I always knit the border on to the main shawl body. What I all forgot is the size transition between the needles and that one half of the main body of the shawl is [yo, k2tog] which is pretty firm as lace goes but still is a bit to ‘givey’ for specifications on this one.

So, back to the drawing board but for a tweaking, not a complete design scrap and start again. I need a bit of stability here. [Editor’s note: Trust me OddBall, stability is the last thing any of your readers expect from you.] I’m going to run 2 or 3 rows of plain knitting around the outer edge of the main shawl to firm up that outside edge of the [yo, k2tog] panels and then cast off, probably on a size or 2 larger needle. I’m going to knit the border separately and then I’ll attach the two either by picking up stitches and knitting them together, or sewing, or crochet or staple gun, duct tape, Gorilla glue, something.

So the Great and Glorious Cast On is back in the scrap heap -- again. Like I said, the crochet bit is a different colour. We do have progress.

Talk at you’se all tomorrow; thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Because I never freaking listen...

Against all sage advice

I spent much of yesterday, between Highland dance performances and art show openings trying to follow Jackie’s sage advice and just walk away…walk away..walk away. Stick with the program. Stay on message. Steady on course.

It so didn’t work. I had to try the swan in there, even knowing that I may well rip it out at the end. I might yet. I’m letting it percolate overnight and I’ll make the decision on whether it stays before it hits the dye pot tomorrow.

Liz and I are on to dye this section tomorrow afternoon. Now I’m off to cast on the rest of the border.

Talk to you’se all laters; thanks for reading.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The OddBall Blows Day 1


On the good news front, I managed to finish the filet crochet part of the border to the design specifications of ohhhhhhh, say a week ago. Well, that was Then and this is Now. Those most familiar with how my mind ’works’ recognize this preamble as my way of saying I’ve decided that I don’t like the ’just letters’ bit of the border. Well, it’s an overstatement to say “I Don’t Like It”. The more accurate reflection on the state of affairs is that I more or less think it needs more.

Less is more. Yeah, I’ve heard that theory. Screw that…More is more and more more is more or less better. My prominent design theory -- when you’ve got to the point where you really think it can’t take any more, add beads and one more colour. Told you my ambition was to grace the pages of You Knit What? And you thought I was kidding. Nope. Pretty much consider it a Life Time Achievement Award.

The swan chart

Enter the swan. I’ve come this far what the hell is another 50 rows, right? It’s 25 rows on either end. I just know that if I pick this particular point in time to do my best imitation of a sane person, and quit while I’m still ahead, every time I look at that shawl, I will see something missing. That’s never a good feeling.

I know the rest of the world won’t know it’s missing but right now, it’s enough that I know it’s missing. Liz, bless her heart, is used to this shite from me. She’s already talked me out of one issue of More, More, so I used my head this time and didn’t consult with her.

Have I actually cast on yet? Well, what the hell do you think? Of course NOT.

In any event, I need to shake a leg. Today is Ditto’s Highland Dance Tea and apparently there’s an urgent need for cream cheese and cherry sandwiches and those little mushroom roll up thingies. And yes, Elizabeth, I made extras for you. Just for you. I’ll deliver them tonight, in the dead of dark, so you don’t have to share with the kids. Oh yes, I’m the bestest friend ever.

Talk to you’se all tomorrow; thanks for reading.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ladies, grab your ...ummmm.. balls.

Me and another 3300 maniacs with needles

Well, it’s here…time for the start of the Great and Glorious Cast On, although not for another couple of hours. The Yarn Harlot didn’t know what she was unleashing when she threw down the bamboo 8s and dared us all to knit something challenging. Thirty-three hundred otherwise sane people signed up. The Harlot had to recruit volunteer administrative staff just to keep the list up to date.

Some of the stories behind the project have been heart-touching. One woman who is suffering from debilitating arthritis in her hands has made the pledge that she’s going to knit one STITCH a day for the next 16 days because that’s what she can handle right now.

There’s a lot of knitters tackling their first pair of socks or their first lace project. The Yarn Harlot is on for a sweater patterned on the Olympic Ski Team sweaters. Lucia the Knitting Fiend is up for a sweater. Dancing Barefoot of Team Grad Students is on for a shawl. I can't remember if Jackie is drinking or knitting lace for this one. Liz, the Bestest Friend Ever and Diana the Dysfunktional Knitter signed on for the drinking support team, although I’ll confess I was dreadfully disappointed to find out Diana is only drinking for the American team. Like in these troubled times the world needs such a petty display of parochialism. Come on, Diana, broaden your horizons and drink for international peace and co-operation or at least, for being blissfully besotted together.

Severina claims she’s knitting a 1940s short sleeved sweater but I suspect she’s probably crocheting individual Angora bunny hairs together with a size 94 hook and the use of a microscope into a bedspread or a garage door. She’s mad that one, utterly mad.

In a somewhat unfinished form

And the OddBall? Well, she’s on for what she does worst of all -- finishing projects. I started this shawl last summer for the Tyler Hamilton Foundation with full intents of having it done by Christmas. It’s February and well, you see where we’re to with the project. The shawl is knit but the border is not. It was one of those projects that I spent more time ripping than I did knitting and my sense of guilt was building. So, when the Harlot bellowed, I decided it was time to get down to business.

I’ve spent the last two weeks getting ready for the blessed event, buying supplies, doing some preliminary work, swatching and laying in essentials. In addition to the Aberlour, there’s a couple of bottles of vodka and one bottle of gin in the cupboard. Surely to Pete that will tide me over the next 16 days. Lindt, who really should be an official sponsor of any Knitting Olympics…hell, they should just be considered sponsors of that thing called Life… have been stocked in the 70%, 80% and as pictured, 85% cocoa strengths.

So where does this all stand just hours before the Great and Glorious Cast On?

1. Crochet filet portion of the border: 90% crocheted and in need of dying.

2. Dye: bought, received and a dye pot date tentatively booked with Liz for Monday.

3. Pearls: bought, received but beading pattern not determined.

4. Border pattern: designed, swatched charted, needs minor tweaking but good to go.

5. Central medallion: PMC clay in stock, design designed and approved by the Tyler Hamilton Foundation for the use of their logo.

6. Display box: started, design pretty much worked out in my head but I figure I’m going to need a break from the knitting every once in a while.

7. Artist statement: ohhhh puuuuuuuuuhleeeese, people, will you get serious? I’m with Severina on that one -- “Artist likes shiny things“.

Okay, there you have it: Sixteen days to take this pile of plunder and put it together into one cohesive project, done to the DoneButs™. The idea is to have the shipping box sealed and addressed when the Olympic Flame is extinguished. In the meanwhile, in order to keep me honest and on track, I hope to keep this blog updated on a daily basis.

Now, I’m starting to think I’m just plain nuts. Talk to you’se all tomorrow; thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Week's Shameless Plug...

Be There

The OddBall's favourite young artist in the entire charted universe, Silas Robinson, is showing his recent works at the Blue Door Restaurant, 100 Regent St, Fredericton, on Saturday Feb 11 between 2 and 5 pm.

This guy is great. I love Silas' work. If you live in the Fredericton area, come check it out. For further information, call 455-2583 or his agents, Art Contact at (506) 453-1856.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just another detail

Knitting Looms

Okay, so it’s time for the weekend update.

Saturday was the trip en famille to Saint John. Destination: Michael’s Craft Store. Why? Because I haven’t got near enough crap in this place all ready. That's why.

In all fairness, it was NOT my idea. For a change. It was entirely the doing of the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division in his never ending quest for terrain for his miniature soldiers. Word to the wise: do not call them cute, in spite of the fact that they’re 6 millimetres tall and painted all pretty (not the Soviets, they’re dull but the Byzantines can only be described as cute).

This is not to suggest that I didn’t do my part to support the local economy. Au contraire, I have decided to have yet another freaking dilemma with the shawl for the Tyler Hamilton Foundation. It needs a box. Well, after all that work involved in it, I can’t very well ship it off in a plastic Sobey’s bag, now can I?

Exactly my thoughts on the matter. So, what kind of box to build? What do you mean … buy a box? How ridiculous. Okay, I thought about it but the sweater sized boxes were more than I wanted to spend on a box and furthermore, and most importantly, I think they looked sucky. In several dimension of suckiness.

And I’ve got this pseudo-rustic faux package, decoupaged, stressed, antiqued thing rushing around in my head. And, on a bright note, since no one lost an eye or anything with my last papier maché project, we are off to the races. Just exactly what I needed -- another detail on this project. Oh well, it’s not like I take this a project of this magnitude on a weekly basis.

So, today was spent fiddling with papier maché and various boxes. One is a dismal failure, the other look promising. I figure by the time I’m finished, I would have been able to buy the damn box for a third of what I spend frigging around with this, but it doubles as an amusement for the cat.

And the shawl? The actual object for which we are building said box? Yeah, still at it. I took today off because yesterday my shoulder was killing me and I’ve dealt with enough repetitive strain injuries to know when it hurts, stop for 24 hours. I’m almost finished the yn erbyd bit which leaves me with one more section left to crochet. Then, it’s the dye pot and the count down for Friday’s Great and Glorious Cast On.

And what’s with the circular bibbly bobbies in the photo? Well, they were practically giving away those stupid knitting looms at Michaels and my curiosity got the better of me and I picked up a 5 pack or something. I tried one out last night. For the record, I’m not overly impressed but in fairness, I haven’t give it much of a chance.

In any event, tomorrow requires me to make more mess with paper and wall paper paste and oh yes, PMC clay. Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Wind up...

Another OddBall model strutting her stuff

Well, time again for the Oddball mid-month update -- two weeks late, as usual -- or for the more blindly optimistic members of the audience, where the OddBall makes near delusional predictions about this month’s productivity.

First, the catch up: The model is Maddy F, enjoying the sweater I made her for the accomplishment of being born. Her dad and I work together and he was good enough to send me pictures of her wearing it. Now all together now….awwwwwwwww… yes, baby fever. I think I’ll lay down with a cold compress until this minute of madness passes.

Yes, much better now, thank you. Ditto has achieved the exalted status of 10 years old and I’m not schlepping baby to car seat or doing 2 am feedings anymore. We’ve survived the colic stage although, I suspect I may get nostalgic for it when my midnight pacing of the floor is about busted curfews and the “if she isn’t dead in a ditch, I’m going to kill her moments” to come.

What else? Ah, yes. I heard from Deirdre Moynihan of the Tyler Hamilton Foundation and the Rose River Shawl has arrived safely in Colorado. Good thing because that was starting to get to freak out stage with me. I was getting ready to gear up and head down to the post office and well, go postal, on someone. Actually, as a technical aside, does one go postal at the post office or do you get medieval on them? Either way, I was torqued but the meds have kicked in and the shawl got to where it was supposed to go and all is happies now.

On a more serious note, the Foundation has kicked off their annual on line auction so why don't you stroll on over here and take a gander? They have some fabulous and very unique items there.

The OddBall Version

Back with the Tyler Hamilton Foundation and the silk shawl from 4th circle of Hell itself, I’m proud to announce that I’m almost back to the spot I was before I had to rip asunder some 10 inches of the filet crochet part of the border. In a weird kind of Twilight Zone-esque deal, the words that have been so contentious over the past couple of days have been yn erbyn, which is Welsh for against. Perhaps it is simply their nature to be contradictory and I can look forward to things settling out when I get past that little bit.

In any event, we’re a week away from the Great Cast On, and brother, have I got a whack of work to do between now and then. They might be planning on lighting a torch over there in Turino to kick off this blessed event but right now, I need a fire of some type lit under me. I need this filet bit finished so I can attach it to the shawl. Before that goes down, it needs to be dyed. The good news on that front is that the ‘colour decision’ has been made and the dye has been ordered. My job over the next seven days is to get the filet bit done so we can toss it in the pot and block the jebus out of it when it’s done. That way, I’ll know exactly how wide the knit border needs to be and tweak the pattern as needed.

Oh yeah, and there’s the little bit about the silver medallion for the centre piece. That’s at least mentally executed and all the materials and implements of destruction are in the studio. I’m thinking Monday is an auspicious day for the casting of silver.

And in my spare time, I need to start thinking about the beading pattern and oh yes, everyone favourite bit of this exercise, writing the artist statement. I wonder if I can draft Severina for that bit. She loves doing them, so I hear. Groceries? Laundry? Orthodontist appointments? I hear the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division making murmerling noises in the background. You've got to be kidding, pal. Keep dreaming.

Needless to say, I’m going to be busier than a one armed paperhanger over the next couple of weeks. Ms Anonymous Filet Crochet made a brilliant suggestion of a stitch and bitch going down in the Fredericton area. I’m keen for it but it’s going to have to wait until I clear my plate on this Olympic challenge stuff. I'm thinking March is looking good for a disorganized pub night.

There’s going to be a lot of fruitcakes in these parts over the next few weeks. Last check at the Yarn Harlot’s, twenty-five hundred…yes that’s two thousand, five hundred, mad knitters have signed on for the Knitting Olympics. It’s nice to have company at the asylum.

Okay, it’s back to the salt mines. I have four days off to do some serious work and the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division wants to go to Saint John on Saturday. Talk at you'se all laters; thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Crochet is for crazy people anyway

I feel your pain, mate.

At 9 this morning, I had 26 inches of the filet crochet border done. By 11, I had 16 inches.
If tink is the obverse of knit, what is the equivalent for crochet? I’ve spent 2 hours tearing this thing apart because there is an irreversible, completely obvious, structure defining error in the piece. I didn’t even have to contemplate if there was a way around it. From the discovery of it, it was obvious that the only way out was to rip, rip, rip and rip. The pain in arse bit of it comes from the fact I’m working with silk so those little fibres tangle and snarl up and it’s not so easy hauling it out.

Am I pissed off? Not really. I’ve never done any crochet before so naturally, I haven’t got the ‘rules’ down yet. Here’s a rule for you: every few rows, check to make sure you haven’t dropped a square along the way. By the time I discovered the error, I’d dropped two which pulled the whole thing off the straight.

In any event, it’s nap time. I have to work tonight. Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.