Monday, February 13, 2006

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

Stage One

Another day shot to Hell with little to show in the way of results but much accomplished in the “Don’t be doing this” department, which frequently is just as important.

On the bright side, the clock is running down to midnight with one thing accomplished. I'm pleased to announce that the filet crochet bit changed colour. It’s not exactly the colour pictured because after some grumbling, beer drinking and general arsing about, Liz hollered the OddBall Battle Cry ™ -- Oh What the Hell -- and overdyed it all with a hint o’lavender. It looks great with judgement reserved for the morn and natural light.

Now, OddBall, you ask, what all about that border we keep hearing you harp on about? Well, there’s been a minor technical glitch that had remained undetected until about an hour ago. The main body of the shawl is knit on 6 mm needles. The border is on 3.75 mm needles which is fine because the direction of knitting is in two different directions. The main body of the shawl is oriented ==== while the border is running perpendicular to that.

I always knit the border on to the main shawl body. What I all forgot is the size transition between the needles and that one half of the main body of the shawl is [yo, k2tog] which is pretty firm as lace goes but still is a bit to ‘givey’ for specifications on this one.

So, back to the drawing board but for a tweaking, not a complete design scrap and start again. I need a bit of stability here. [Editor’s note: Trust me OddBall, stability is the last thing any of your readers expect from you.] I’m going to run 2 or 3 rows of plain knitting around the outer edge of the main shawl to firm up that outside edge of the [yo, k2tog] panels and then cast off, probably on a size or 2 larger needle. I’m going to knit the border separately and then I’ll attach the two either by picking up stitches and knitting them together, or sewing, or crochet or staple gun, duct tape, Gorilla glue, something.

So the Great and Glorious Cast On is back in the scrap heap -- again. Like I said, the crochet bit is a different colour. We do have progress.

Talk at you’se all tomorrow; thanks for reading.


At 6:58 a.m., February 14, 2006, Blogger jackie said...

Glad to hear that the dyeing dyed. Sucks about the border. Is there a deadline for this thing to be done by or is the tyler foundation an ongoing type auction?

At 8:26 a.m., February 14, 2006, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Not really any deadline from the Foundation. Actually, I've advised them to not put it in the on-line auction, just because I don't think they're realize full value. They have a big gala/fundraiser in Boston annually and there's an auction there as well. I think that would work better for them. The pink shawl isn't in the online auction either. I just think that shawls with their tactile component wouldn't sell so hot in the on-line forum.

At 9:03 a.m., February 15, 2006, Blogger jackie said...

Indeed! That shawl needs to be felt to be believed! It is gorgeous yarn.

At 6:44 p.m., February 15, 2006, Blogger Liz said...

oooooh yeah


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