Friday, February 03, 2006

Wind up...

Another OddBall model strutting her stuff

Well, time again for the Oddball mid-month update -- two weeks late, as usual -- or for the more blindly optimistic members of the audience, where the OddBall makes near delusional predictions about this month’s productivity.

First, the catch up: The model is Maddy F, enjoying the sweater I made her for the accomplishment of being born. Her dad and I work together and he was good enough to send me pictures of her wearing it. Now all together now….awwwwwwwww… yes, baby fever. I think I’ll lay down with a cold compress until this minute of madness passes.

Yes, much better now, thank you. Ditto has achieved the exalted status of 10 years old and I’m not schlepping baby to car seat or doing 2 am feedings anymore. We’ve survived the colic stage although, I suspect I may get nostalgic for it when my midnight pacing of the floor is about busted curfews and the “if she isn’t dead in a ditch, I’m going to kill her moments” to come.

What else? Ah, yes. I heard from Deirdre Moynihan of the Tyler Hamilton Foundation and the Rose River Shawl has arrived safely in Colorado. Good thing because that was starting to get to freak out stage with me. I was getting ready to gear up and head down to the post office and well, go postal, on someone. Actually, as a technical aside, does one go postal at the post office or do you get medieval on them? Either way, I was torqued but the meds have kicked in and the shawl got to where it was supposed to go and all is happies now.

On a more serious note, the Foundation has kicked off their annual on line auction so why don't you stroll on over here and take a gander? They have some fabulous and very unique items there.

The OddBall Version

Back with the Tyler Hamilton Foundation and the silk shawl from 4th circle of Hell itself, I’m proud to announce that I’m almost back to the spot I was before I had to rip asunder some 10 inches of the filet crochet part of the border. In a weird kind of Twilight Zone-esque deal, the words that have been so contentious over the past couple of days have been yn erbyn, which is Welsh for against. Perhaps it is simply their nature to be contradictory and I can look forward to things settling out when I get past that little bit.

In any event, we’re a week away from the Great Cast On, and brother, have I got a whack of work to do between now and then. They might be planning on lighting a torch over there in Turino to kick off this blessed event but right now, I need a fire of some type lit under me. I need this filet bit finished so I can attach it to the shawl. Before that goes down, it needs to be dyed. The good news on that front is that the ‘colour decision’ has been made and the dye has been ordered. My job over the next seven days is to get the filet bit done so we can toss it in the pot and block the jebus out of it when it’s done. That way, I’ll know exactly how wide the knit border needs to be and tweak the pattern as needed.

Oh yeah, and there’s the little bit about the silver medallion for the centre piece. That’s at least mentally executed and all the materials and implements of destruction are in the studio. I’m thinking Monday is an auspicious day for the casting of silver.

And in my spare time, I need to start thinking about the beading pattern and oh yes, everyone favourite bit of this exercise, writing the artist statement. I wonder if I can draft Severina for that bit. She loves doing them, so I hear. Groceries? Laundry? Orthodontist appointments? I hear the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division making murmerling noises in the background. You've got to be kidding, pal. Keep dreaming.

Needless to say, I’m going to be busier than a one armed paperhanger over the next couple of weeks. Ms Anonymous Filet Crochet made a brilliant suggestion of a stitch and bitch going down in the Fredericton area. I’m keen for it but it’s going to have to wait until I clear my plate on this Olympic challenge stuff. I'm thinking March is looking good for a disorganized pub night.

There’s going to be a lot of fruitcakes in these parts over the next few weeks. Last check at the Yarn Harlot’s, twenty-five hundred…yes that’s two thousand, five hundred, mad knitters have signed on for the Knitting Olympics. It’s nice to have company at the asylum.

Okay, it’s back to the salt mines. I have four days off to do some serious work and the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division wants to go to Saint John on Saturday. Talk at you'se all laters; thanks for reading.


At 5:49 a.m., February 05, 2006, Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

That baby is too cute, nice sweater too. I shall be knitting some socks for the olympics, but not actually in the sign up at Yarn Harlot, I am shocked an amazed at that number of knitters willing to commit. I just spun up some laceweight yarn and hope to get one whole pair of socks done. That will be an accomplishement enought for me.

At 2:46 p.m., February 05, 2006, Blogger Severina said...

Artist's statements! Gaaah! I so want to print one up that says "The artist is having an episode" or "Out to lunch." I should try "The artist likes stuff." Perhaps I should drink more while writing the foul things.

Knitting Olympics note: Something like 2500 people signed up so far. Wow! I'm gazing longingly at my gauge swatch...


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