Monday, March 27, 2006

Done Knitting

Not done to the DoneButs but off the needles. Still needs a few ends wove in, blocked, beaded and blocked.

But I'm done with the damn knitting.

Yeeeeeee- haw.

Talk at you'se all laters because it's bed time; thanks for reading. Posted by Picasa


At 7:55 a.m., March 27, 2006, Blogger jackie said...


Wow! Kate! Done at last! That looks wonderful!

Did I hear a rumor that you were thinking about doing a lace shawl out of wool? Come here so I can slap you!

At 11:26 a.m., March 27, 2006, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Right. Like it's NOT your fault or something. YOU sent the damn link to the site and YOU KNOW you did!!

Okay, I have Shetland lace on the brain.

At 12:25 p.m., March 27, 2006, Blogger Severina said...

Yay! Silk shawl! Nice! See, I can reach out into the photo and touch the thing. OK, I can't really do that but I can pretend to do it and get my monitor all smudgy.

Now if I could find my yarn & stuff in all these boxes I haven't unpacked I could get something done. I'm itching for a new project!

At 2:54 p.m., March 27, 2006, Anonymous The Hubby said...

Before she does any more Shawls the IT department is demanding a new sweater. If our demands are not met we will have to resort to civil disobediance and economic actions (more money siphoned off for the departments hobbies)

At 4:07 p.m., March 27, 2006, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Apparently, I forgot to feed him AGAIN this week.

At 4:07 p.m., March 27, 2006, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 6:43 p.m., March 27, 2006, Blogger dancingbarefoot said...

Congratulations on the momentus occasion! This calls for a round of margaritas.

At 1:29 a.m., March 30, 2006, Blogger Yvonne said...

Beautiful! Lovely! Awesome!

At 2:50 a.m., April 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely beeee-u-ti-ful! Now get the damn blocking done. Congrats on finishing the bleepin' neverending shawl!


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