Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hey, would you look at that??!!

The home stretch

Do you see that? Eh? Eh? You know what that is? Huh?

I’ll tell you what that is…that’s me within 15 inches, 38 cms of the finish line on the shawl border. That’s getting to the ‘doable stage’. I’m almost there but too tired to continue tonight.
But yahoo, it can be measured!

Talk at you’se all later when I regain consciousness. It's nappy-jammy time. Thanks for reading.


At 7:03 a.m., March 21, 2006, Blogger jackie said...


I am so excited for you. What a lesson in persistance for all of us lesser mortals.

At 12:27 p.m., March 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! The finish line is in sight! So what monster project are you going to take on next?

At 12:49 p.m., March 21, 2006, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

I left the next nutjob project to my "kid" sister, who at 38 yrs of age, decided to join the Army and is now humping her ass off and not in the spectacularly fun fashion. She runs marathons and she's keeping up with the 18 yr old hardbodies but it's apparently taking its toll. Bless.

In this family, we split the madness.


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