Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring fever(s)

Duchess doesn't want us to knit

Diana the Dysfunktional Knitter has termed this as The Funk. It's that state of "I just can't be bothered. I'm bored and fretful and nothing's working for me on any level." It's the creative wasteland. It's more that sheer laziness and it's more than mere boredom. The Funk is a good term for it. Personally, I favour that Newfoundland gem "Dropsy Heart" as in "I've dropsed down on me arse and I haven't the heart to git up agin".

For me, it's biking fever. I'd rather be out having a ride on the bike and be more or less playing hookie from the knitting machine. The weather is warm and I was benched from Duchess most of last season due to my asthma. The old girl is getting twitchy for some further adventures. And she doesn't want to sit around this year, being a jungle gym for spiders. She too is bored and we really want to spend our time playing, not working.

Fortunately, socks don't take up a lot of room in the panniers. They're the ultimate portable summer knitting project and I see a few of these in my future. I've finished the first sock and am almost to the point of doing the heel flap of the second. I'm of mixed emotions on them. They knit up fast (that would be one of the good points) but they seem to be a bit loosey goosey for my tastes. I like a somewhat firmer sock fabric and I'm fretting that they'll wear out too quickly. Oh well, one way to find out -- finish BOTH of them and wear them. I actually love wearing hand knit socks and I need something jazzy for under the Birkenstocks... yeah, I'm one of THOSE freaks.

In any event, I'm off to figure out if the knitting machine still remembers my name. It's been a while. And it's Monday night, which means the murder and mayhem starts on BBC Canada at 10 pm. I'll bead The Shawl that Time Forgot for a while in front of the television.

Talk to you'se all laters, provided Blogger hasn't gone AWOL again; thanks for reading.


At 9:16 p.m., April 24, 2006, Blogger Severina said...

One of the reasons I don't knit more socks is that I wear the hell out of the heels and hate darning the little beasties. I can't abide wimpy-ass socks!

At 10:03 p.m., April 24, 2006, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Yes, darning sucks. I think it's a stupid exercise myself. I've been known to patch with needle felting.

At 6:15 a.m., April 25, 2006, Blogger jackie said...

Birkenstocks don't have backs and as such, the heels should last longer, right? Please say yes. I love my socks and I don't want to have darn the buggers either. I like the briggs and little sock pattern that I have. There is ribbing all the way down the foot and so it actually fits snuggly around my duck feet (narrow heeled with large bunions, not a pretty sight) A bit of a pain with all of that purling, but worth it.

At 8:51 a.m., April 25, 2006, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

That's the theory I'm working with, Jackie. I just think with this sock yarn, because it's knit fairly loose, it might be an issue. Then again, I might be totally wrong.

Only one way to find out and that's to finish and pair and wear the puppies.

At 8:05 p.m., April 25, 2006, Blogger Severina said...

The last pair of wool socks I "darned" I actually just knitted little squares and sewed the damned things over the holes. Sometimes I think my darning egg is just a cat toy.

At 4:58 p.m., April 28, 2006, Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

Congrats on launching the Oddball Knittery!

At 4:02 a.m., April 29, 2006, Blogger jackie said...

Don't you have something to show and tell?????


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