Friday, April 07, 2006

Where we to?

Now the really freaking tedious bit, beading 175 beading points. I divided it into 35 sections of 5 points. This picture shows two of them, the long dangly ones and the lilac/silver cathedral beads, paired up with fresh water pearls.

Okay, 'nuff of this for a while. I'm going for a bike ride. I need to work tomorrow so I'm taking clothes to work now so that's done for the morning. And maybe I'll drag the Liz off for a coffee, if I can get her nose out of the history books.

I just realized how strange that sounded...NO, I don't bike to work nekkid. With my 43 year old, done gived birth body, that would be the ultimate moving violation. I store my work clothes in my locker and then the commute in is just the coffee mug and my lunch.

Talk to you'se all laters, the bike is calling; thanks for reading.

PS to the OddBall IT and Technical Support Division and Willie's Momma: the purloined Christmas prezzie fits into the water bottle cage PERFECTLY. It's so not being returned.

PPS: to any readers in the Halifax Metro region: if you see a gold/bronze coloured Yukon Giant , 13.5" frame, red bars at the end of the handlebars and black saddlebags, Steph "lost" hers from her shed.


At 11:21 a.m., April 08, 2006, Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I have returned from the UK mostly intact but very jetlagged. The exchange rate was killer but the trip was a blast. I got one bottle of Bushmills, Black Bush for medicinal purposes of course! I feel a cold coming on LOL

At 11:23 a.m., April 08, 2006, Blogger jackie said...

I knew that those shinies would be pretty on.

At 2:04 p.m., April 15, 2006, Blogger Steph said...


For posting about my bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It hasn't come back to me yet, but the support just makes me feel so good! (much better than I did when I saw the shed door open)



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