Monday, May 08, 2006

For the birds

Christmas dove

It’s going to be a short column today because I’m in the mad dash to get some work done, not to mention some laundry done, before I’m off to the real job, you know, the one that actually pays the bills.

I have several socks all felted and now it’s decoration time. This one is pretty much done by my way of thinking. I’m trying to get some serious work accomplished between now and Friday because the application for the Arts residency is on May 15th and I’d like to include these as well.

Actually, it's a partridge, sans pear tree

As you can see, needle felting is the weapon of choice for a while. And yes, we all know I’ll be sticking some shiny, shiny beads on at least some of them. As Jackie put it, “I want to see them when they’re fully blinged.” This week is dedicated to the blinging of the socks.

And probably more laundry.

Okay, I’m off now to hang some laundry on the line. Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.


At 12:57 AM, May 10, 2006, Blogger Diana said...

The colors are brilliant! I just love hanging clothes out on the line, especially sheets. Tis the season!


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