Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sock season at the Knittery

Socks to dry

Yesterday I attempted to write this Blog about a dozen times but it turned out I was too busy doing to write about it. That occasionally happens around this place. I get blinded by the dust bunnies, trip over my work ethic and get down to brass tacks, as they say.

So what all did I manage to accomplish yesterday? I varnished the stocking blockers and finished up the pile of socks to felt and ran them through the wash a few times. I knit a couple of more socks, worked on my application for the Artist in Residence program and ran errands.

Yes, the old running of the errands. Why is it that job takes up half a day, regardless of what needs to be done. A trip to Staples always morphs into something much, much more and predictably, this one did as well. It was the classic case of ‘while I’m at the top of the hill, I might as well….” and it was all downhill from there from a time management perspective. Part of the ‘problem’ is that I largely haul my carcass around on a bike in the summer and the mall district in Fredericton is at the top of a gia-normous hill with a relentless 10% grade over a 3 km stretch. It’s a challenge walking DOWN it, let alone biking up it. I have done it a couple of times because they stuck the diabetes management clinic at the top of it as well but yesterday was so not the day.

I really hate ‘errand day’. I hate having my routine interrupted, I hate that it distracts from what I want to be doing and most of all, I hate that I spend huge wads of money every time I head out of the house. And yesterday, the drivers in Fredericton were particularly irritating, which did nothing for my mood. And don’t get me started on the parking bit…

Honesty, I’m in so much better mood when I use my bike. Honest. I wouldn’t lie to you.

In any event, this is actually a knitting blog as opposed to a biking blog, so perhaps I could get back to the topic at hand, or foot, as the case might be.

I felted the Christmas stockings I had done up and I really need to talk to Jack about making some more stocking blockers. I have 6 of the little ones and I’m going to probably make many more smaller socks than the big ones. And it costs me the same amount of money to felt 20 socks as it does to felt one -- so logically, I might as well make it a machine load when I do it.

I’ve got the knitting down to about 45 minutes and it takes another 15 minutes to sew up the back seam and close the toe. Now comes the fun part, decorating them. I can’t wait for this batch to get dried so I can start in on them.

Therapy socks done

I finished the Therapy Socks the other day. And officially, I hate them. As predicted the knit is too loose for my tastes. I even washed them up last night, hoping they’d straighten around but it’s that damn super-wash wool, and you know what that crap is like…completely useless. Not a hope in Hades of shrinking these things. Oh well, they’ll do. They fulfilled their purpose of keeping me from losing my mind and that’s the important bit. I think there will be a lot of socks knit this summer, however, none of them on 3.5 mm needles. Too loose.

In any event, I’m off to conquer the knitting machine. Talk at you’se all laters; thanks for reading.


At 1:01 p.m., May 04, 2006, Blogger jackie said...

Your sock blockers are a stroke of brilliance. Kind of like the ironing board. In my house both are a lost cause. My philosophy of laundry is "chuck it in the washer, chuck it in the dryer, fold it. Done." That is why Bill goes to work in wrinkled shirts.

At 2:46 a.m., May 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How clever they were to place the diabetes management place on top of a hill!

The Christmas socks are absolutely adorable and so colorful.

Am I getting one for Christmas? And please fill it with little "sample" bottles of liquor!


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